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MedBlox Exchange

A patient centric identity & information exchange, where security, sharing, and global health identities converge.

Secure + Inclusive + Patient Centric

What happens to the healthcare experience if you start from the ground up with a relentless focus on maximizing optimal patient outcomes & the well-being of our care-professionals?

Patients own their health information to ensure their ability to move, manage, direct, & gauge, their health & healthcare experience. Care professionals and the organizations we trust have more ubiquitous access to the information needed at the point of decision…the question is what wouldn’t be better?


Find better care & access to care professionals anywhere…the data has always been yours to share.

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Care Profesionals

Get access to the information you need at the point of impact.

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Better access to patients, data for models, & more informed & invested patient populations.

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The Challenge

The world’s healthcare providers/systems suffer from of a fundamental lack in patient portability.

The software systems we rely on today simple were not built in a manner that encouraged anything other than the sequestering and siloing of patient information. To fix care-professionals access to information, decisions support, and improve stakeholders experiences of all, Patient Identity must be made Globally-Interoperable.

How it works

Fluidity + Care

The MedBlox Exchange allows patients & healthcare professionals to exchange & validate patient identities & health information via web or mobile device.

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