We’ve built a platform
to streamline health care data exchange.

We’ve reinvented how health data flows and disrupted the status quo, utilizing a secure, smart, and easy-to-use blockchain platform.

What is MedBlox?

MedBlox is a decentralized, secure, fully encrypted, and legally compliant means of exchanging electronic health information. Our platform enables collaboration between providers, health systems / groups, affiliates, researchers and consumers both locally and globally.

MedBlox enables the free flow of health information by allowing patients, guardians, or health proxies to validate and actively manage their existing electronic health record (EHR); thus alleviating much of a provider’s burden of possession and compliance in the process. Providers will be able to focus on continuity of care, improving quality of life, and empowering patients in active disease prevention.

MedBlox also facilitates continuous health care innovation through a decentralized ledger technology, backed by the industry’s first complete data pipeline. Decentralizing electronic medical data while making it readily available to appropriate institutions worldwide will lead to significant improvements in the medical industry. Having access to this data will help avoid unnecessary medical complications that inherently arise due to incomplete patient medical history.

We are MedBlox, pleasure to meet you!

The MedBlox App APPS

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can mange everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the movement!

Powered by a Team TEAM

The MedBlox Team combines a passion for security, industry expertise & a proven record in healthcare, development, marketing & science.

Todd Chamberlain
Founder, CEO, & Former Head of Technology, Development, Infrastructure, & Compliance Official, MediRevv
Somchai Rice, Ph.D.
Founder, Chief Science Officer, & Former Research Scientist, Forensic Toxicologists, & Data Analyst, Iowa State University
Matt Dunn
Full Stack Developer & Network Engineer & Former Lead Engineer of Networking, DevOPs, Automation, & Technical ARB Chair, MediRevv
Josh Maurer
Director Ops & Project Management Former Sr. Manager of Technical Services, Project Management, and Compliance Review, MediRevv


Steve Davis
Owner, President of Bio::Neos, Inc. & MedBlox Strategic Data Advisor
Aaron Warner
Founder, CEO of ProCircular Inc. & MedBlox Strategic Security Advisor
Solomon Smith
CISO, Aegon & MedBlox Strategic Security Advisor
Shadrack (Shad) Roberts
CISO, Global Risk Compliance, ASC/DOD, Expert, Hactivist, Innovator, Security awareness educator, Whitehat & MedBlox Cryptography Advisor
John D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Advisory Senior Manager of Cybersecurity, Deloitte & MedBlox Secure Architect Advisor
Michael J. Daugherty
CEO, of LabMD and MedBlox Industry Specific Security and Compliance Advisor
Janis Mitchell
Founder, CEO, Precise Resource, Inc & MedBlox Distributed Identity Management Advisor
Shaun Martin
DevOps Engineer, formerly with OpenClinica & MedBlox Health Information Exchange Advisor


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit about MedBlox, MedBlox Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

MedBlox is healthcare data Interoperability platform combining the best of traditional infrastructure with new age immutable ledger technology.

Our current funding round is available to accredited U.S. and foreign investors.

MedBlox tokens allow for the exchange of specific, aggregated, or trended information.

KYC is needed for all sales due to the individual minimum cap.

The token price during the public sales is $ 0.001 each.

Yes, the minimum is $50,000 USD, 110 ETH, 7 BTC (based on CMV)

MDBLX tokens will be distributed at the end of ICO to ERC20 compatible address you provided in your personal profile.

You have to wait up to 2 hours after contribution to see them. If you still not to see tokens, sign out and sign in back.

Yes, we accept all kind of address for contribution.

The sale is open to accredited US and foreign investors.

Yes, MedBlox has a Simple agreements for the exchange of future tokens or equity (SAEFTE). That is available upon request.

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