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A patient centric approach to vaccine passports that affords patients privacy and security while maintaining the efficacy & chain of trust from the care professional’s lab system/EHR to you.

Inclusive + Patient Centric + Secure

Proof. No Burden Required.

Device inequity shouldn’t be the limiting factor in vaccine passport access. Chose a solution that’s inclusive by design.

A system architected to navigate & thrive in the delicate interrelation, multi-stakeholder healthcare data space. By separating our Global Patient Identity’s authentication & permissions engine from the delivery, rendering, & storage of medical information MedBlox can integrate in any country, state, or health system. A perfect source of truth for mobile personal health records, self-reported/unattended medical app, vaccine passport, or health adherence system accepted & trusted globally.


Get back to normal faster without the draconian location tracking or personally invasive & technocratic systems seen to-date.

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Care Profesionals

Get the information you need to guarantee the safety of patients in your charge by implementing a vaccine passport protocol.  Help us get back to some semblance of normality.

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Keep visits from patrons in your charge full of health, safe, and frequent. Adopt a vaccine passport procedure today. 

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How it works

Fluidity + Care

The MedBlox Exchange allows patients & healthcare professionals to exchange & validate patient identities & health information via web or mobile device.

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