For Care-Professionals

Fluidity of Care

Keep all health care stakeholders on the same page & ensure seamless continuity of care with less abrupt transitions for your patient populations. Spend the little visit time you have on your patients – not gathering data.

Our Vision

Patient Centric + Access + Caring Professionals =

Disorganized & missing patient identities, medical records, & health insurance information leaves everyone disoriented, uninformed, & unempowered. Pooling this information & including patients in the process keeps everyone informed, smooths care delivery, & relieves unnecessary stress during the billing & administrative processes. Ditch the technology complexities, keep patients in-the-loop.

How it works

Fluidity + Care

The MedBlox Exchange allows patients & healthcare professionals to exchange & validate health information via web or mobile device.


Accurate + Accessible


Getting access to a patients information is a easy as a push notification. You or your team can gain access to essential information at the point of care.

Interoperable & Accurate

MedBlox Exchange works with the EHRs you already have in place, & ensures patients information is synchronously stored.


MedBlox Exchange meets or succeeds traditional security, privacy, & regulatory requirements. And designed to keep your patients well- informed & protected.


Don’t let device inequity limit which portions of your patient population get access to their health information.


Help patients pre-determine coverage and associated out-of-pocket cost. Arm yourself with predictive analytical tools, to identify potential claims denials or delays, early, for easier and complete charge capture.

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