Meet a MedBlox Advisor!

UI alumnus Steve Davis in his office building on the Oakdale Campus. He and his staff play foozeball every day.

MedBlox, Inc. Advisor Profile: Steven Davis

Riverside, IA – October 7, 2018 – MedBlox, Inc. is continuing to strive towards quality innovation, and we will do this with guidance from experts such as Steven Davis.

MedBlox, Inc. is pleased to welcome Steven Davis to its external advisory council.

Steve is the founder and President of Bio::Neos, Inc., providing bioinformatics data analysis services and developing custom software for researchers in the life sciences industry over the past 11 years.  Steve also serves as Adjunct Professor in the College of Business at the University of Iowa (UI) implementing the STEM Innovator curriculum, an experiential learning course with strong collaborative component based on industry partnership and college mentors sourced from STEM fields.  As a lead instructor for UI Partners and co-instructor for Belin-Blank Center, Steve developed and instructed Javascript courses and contributed to the development of an in-residence program for gifted high school students.  Steve is also the president and co-founder of Iowa HEAT, a non-profit triathlon club that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in endurance athletics.

Steve received a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both at the University of Iowa.  On top of all of his commitments, Steve is actively involved in the local entrepreneurship and technology communities as a speaker, coach, and mentor at every opportunity available to him.  More information about Steve can be found here:

MedBlox, Inc. is an Iowa based startup, driving healthcare innovation through patient-centric interoperability.  We just happen to do it with #Blockchain and a #PatientCentric approach that allows you, the patient, to #OwnYourRecord.


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