For Patients

Patients Centric

Put control of health and health data into your own hands. Get access where and when you need it with easy via your mobile device or web.

Why MedBlox

Patient Centric + Always


You’re in charge of your health information, share with who & what is necessary.


Health information made portable. Always accessible on your mobile or web device…there when you need it.

Connected Care

MedBlox allows your various care professionals & insurance companies to be on the same page…saving you money, time, & most importantly your sanity.

How it works

Fluidity + Care

The MedBlox Exchange allows patients & healthcare professionals to exchange & validate health information via web or mobile device.


Encryption + Unique + You

Patient Identity that’s as unique as you, but without the hustle of complex password or the worry of “loosing” your biometric data.

By connecting already existing data-pipelines & health information exchanges data can stay where it is, but be accessible.

We use the strongest levels of encryption & immutable ledgers to keep your data safe.

By intentional separate the identity, authorization & permissions from the data layer to ensure you’re in charge of the access.

Information is exchanged with unprecedented cryptographic protection to meet the strictest security, privacy, availability, and data protections required.

MedBlox is committed to the stewardship of your health information…if you don’t like something we do you & your data can walk away.

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